About Me

Hi there! Being a father of a number of kids and just a curios person, I have read enormous amount of books, articles, and blogs to understand how my life could be better. “Better” means happier, healthier, richer, fuller, funnier, all this kind of stuff.

Having gone through those materials I got fed up with unverified messages based on ancient wisdom, religious revelations, one’s gut/heart feelings or personal experience. The great thing about living in the XXI century is that we have a lot more reliable knowledge than our grandfathers ever had. Yes, this knowledge is usually far from perfect, but if something worked for 500,000 people, it most likely will work for you better than your grandma’s advice contradicting contemporary science.

On the other hand, we may have more useful information than we can process within our lifespans. It is important to pay attention to what we really need as opposed to what the both mass and social media tell us we may be interested in. That is what this blog is about.

In any article here, if I ever express my opinion, I explicitly state so. When I say something not very obvious, it is always supported by studies or by expert opinions I perused. Usually, links to studies and experts are in the text of the article, so you can immediately verify all of them.

You may find here things you may consider fundamental and life-changing (and they may well be). But actually, any small advice, whatever insignificant, timely heard and properly applied can change your life to the better. Thus do not ignore small things, since they often lead to big changes.

You may, and most likely, find some information you already know. That is great, let it be reminder that knowledge is powerless without action.